welcoming our little pella

On November 15th, 2017 our whole world changed as we welcomed our little miss Pella. Pella was born at 7:38pm and from that moment on she has been showered with love and kisses!

Here’s how our day went on November 15th…

My original due date was November 20th, which if anyone knows me well knows how 20 is my very favorite number… but I was worried about going into labor late and having our little one on Thanksgiving, I didn’t want her to have to share her birthday with a holiday – so I nicely asked my doctor is I could be induced early. MUCH TO MY SURPRISE she said I could pick what day I wanted in my 39th week! So we picked the 15th and were set to have her that day.

In the morning we called into the hospital to make sure they had room for my to deliver the day, and we headed in at 7:30am.

Once we arrived they started me on pitocin to speed up my contractions and told me to let them know when I wanted my epidural… I felt one little uncomfortable contraction and I said “I am ready” – within minutes I had my epidural in and it was off to the races!

At 9am my doctor came in, broke my water and we waited. As crazy as this sounds, being in labor was one of the most enjoyable days of my life! I had been so so so busy with work and getting everything done for the holiday season that I hadn’t had any time to sit back and enjoy a break, and that’s what labor was for me, a super enjoyable break.

My mom came in to be with Chris and myself and we played phase 10 for hours laughing our heads off. There was one point that I was laughing so hard that my contraction monitor went crazy and the nurse came in to check on me to make sure I wasn’t having my baby.

My doctor checked on me a couple times throughout the day and then at 4 o’clock she came in and said I was getting close and she would be back in a couple hours to deliver the baby. At 6pm she came into my room, said “we can see her head… I will be right back” then went to check on her other patient. An hour later she came back to my room and had delivered the other patients baby. I said to her “Wow, what a coincidence that we are delivering at the same time…” and she said back “Nope, that’s called good planning…” She has delivered over 5000 babies in her career so she knew just the right amount of medicine to make it so that she could work her full day at the office, go have dinner and come back and deliver her two patients. It was crazy! (my mom wasn’t too happy about it because she said I could have had her hours earlier, but at that point I was just so happy to have a doctor that had delivered so many babies and got our baby girl here healthy – and early!)

The rest of our stay in the hospital was very enjoyable and we loved getting to relax and chat with visitors.

Just a couple hours old – right before she went to get her first bath!

Chris has been the most amazing dad – I feel SOOO lucky to be married to someone who constantly makes me want to be a better person!

touchdown, this is Pella stretching out on my mom’s lap right when we got home. I LOVE this outfit Em got for Pel to be taken home in – it will forever be a treasure, and my favorite outfit she has owned.

and there she is, our little 3 day old baby!

am already starting to write down little memories from this month so that I can post a memory of what her first month was like! Having a newborn is a lot of work, but when that little one snuggles up to you and you realize that you are that whole baby’s world there is nothing quite like that. I am excited to watch her grow and grow into her own little human being.


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