two months with pel

I cannot believe the holidays have already come and gone! Time seems to be flying by and also standing still at the same time.  Here are some of our favorite pictures and memories from the month two with Pella + the holidays…

two pics of Pella in her dad’s arms, her favorite place – and mine too!

luckiest baby! Love this gift from my parents to Pella!

Wish these came in my size!

she has Chris’s eyelashes and they are getting SO long! lucky girl!

one of her million expressions!

not much of a work ethic yet 😉 loved visiting dad and papa j at work!


It’s crazy how much Pella changed in one month – it makes me so excited to see how much she will change from here on out!

This month Pella really learned how to smile! She loves smiling after you change her diaper and when you aren’t looking at her. So many times we will try and try to get her to smile and the second we turn our heads she does the biggest grin! We always try to catch her in the act now 🙂

Pella is also so close to letting little laughs out. She will squeak after a big smile and then smile again after she squeaks – it’s soooo cute!

She loves being laid down on her back on the bed. She will kick and kick her legs and punch her arms. We could let her lay there for an hour straight and she will entertain herself!

While she’s laying on her back she TALKS and TALKS! She is a chatter box – and we still have no idea where she gets that from 😉

Pella is using her legs lots. Always wanting to stand up – maybe she’ll be an early walker.

She hates when she wets her diaper. More than anything! She will scream crying the second it happens. I got so worried that she may have some sort of infection because of the way she cries that I took her into the doctor and they said that everything looked great, and that she’d most likely potty train early because she hates it so much, so there’s that WIN!

Nights are getting so much better. Pella will only wakes up once for us to feed her and usually goes back down after a half hour.

I started getting worried that she was growing up too fast that now she sleeps in our bed with us – in the dock-a-tot to be safe, but her dock-a-tot is right in the middle of our bed so we get to check on her all night. It’s also cute because she coos and coos all night and it’s the sweetest sound to fall asleep to.

OH NO! I forgot about this… okay, so this month I gave Pel her first haircut… I decided to do it while Chris was at work and with my moms help. My mom held her as I took Chris’s new shaving kit he got for Christmas to her hair. I turn on the buzzer and make a huge bald spot in the back of her head. I then started laughing so hard that I was crying. I tried to smooth it out with tears in my eyes and ended up making it worse! So after getting ahold of myself I took haircutting scissors and tried to make it look half decent. She’s been wearing bows ever since to hide my mistake 🙂 I debated not telling Chris but ended up blurting it out on our phone call as he was driving home – he was worried to see what I did, but ended up not even getting mad at me.

Pella has the MOST expressive face ever! I’ve never seen a baby that can pull as many faces as her. Some are so cute and some are … not cute haha

This month we also booked all our trips for 2018! We are excited to show Pella some of our favorite places and hopes she does well on airplanes because we have lots of flight hours ahead!

We love our little one and feel so lucky she’s ours!

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