the third month with Pella

We are loving seeing Pella’s personality come through! This month has been the best month yet. She is becoming her own person and life with her squeals is becoming our best stage!

This month we had our 2nd month checkup – it was a couple of weeks late so it happened within her third month. Pel is TALL – she measured in the 96th percentile for height and the 72nd percentile for weight. We knew she’d be a tall baby because both Chris and myself are tall, but now when we hold her she takes two arms and looks so big in comparison to just last month.

This month we got Pella a toy with a mobile hanging in a tent. SHE LOVES IT! We make sure she has at least half an hour with her friends every day. I am sure it’s the happiest time of her day because she squeaks, squeals and talks to her friends in the happiest of way. It MELTS our heart!

We have some trips over seas planned for the summer so we needed to get Pella a passport. This was a WHOLE DAY event, haha. We went and got her pictures taken (which we woke her up from a nap to snap the pic) then we had to drive into the Salt Lake post office to fill out all the forms. We also had to pickup Chris from work because both parents have to be present to get a child a passport. Quite a lot of work! Oh well, we got her passport in the mail last week and it’s to die for cute! I love that she will have a passport with a 2 month old picture in it. How will they every know when we are traveling on that passport when she’s four that it is the right girl?

On January 20th I turned 25 so Chris took me to spend a night at The Grand America. We left Pella to have a sleepover with my mom and sister. We thought we would for sure get the best night sleep since we had her, but we ended up waking up more times to check her Owlet (baby monitor) and make sure she was doing okay – oh well, someday we will get a full nights rest.

We partnered up with a darling company called Clementine Kids and received some beautiful swaddle blankets.

And a few more of our favorite pics from last month…


Pella is trying so hard to giggle – she tries and tries and can get a couple of chuckles out but then will cough at the end haha

It’s so fun to watch Pella interact now – we can always get her to give the biggest smiles and her little eyes are almost like upside down moons when she smiles (this is a Maxwell trait) It’s the CUTEST shape and makes me smile even bigger back at her.

After visiting the doctor she told us that we needed to move Pella out of our bed. She had been sleeping in her Dock-A-Tot in the middle of our king size bed but the doctor said that after 2 months you can start spoiling you baby, and she needs to learn how to sleep without our warmth and smell. We were so happy to have our whole bed back! Now Pella is sleeping in her crib. She still wakes up one time in the middle of the night to eat, but we are working on trying to get her to sleep for longer stretches.

OH MY GOSH Pel has the FUNNIEST fake cry face! Her bottom lip curls under and she gives you these eyes that are so dramatic. I need to catch it on camera sometime soon – it is actually super cute, and I can’t even take her seriously when she starts the lip curl.

Little Pels loves her hands. You can catch her studying them intently throughout the day. She is starting to figure out that they can do things for her. She tries to push her binkie back in when it falls out, and even tries swatting at her mobile. Just within the last week she’s figured out that if she can hit them her mobile will spin around. She can’t quite figure out that her two arms hit different places on the toy so she will often times be looking at a toy on her left but try and hit it with her right arm. It’s so FUN to see her start to figure things out.

Pella needs to be entertained a lot more now that she’s starting to figure out the world. And she prefers to be doing what we are doing. She loves to cook with me, work with me on the computer, watch TV with us at night and read books.

At the beginning of mom life people kept telling me that it gets better and easier, and they were right. This motherhood thing is getting so much more fun as Pella’s personality starts to shine through and she starts figuring out how to control her body. So for any of you first time moms – know it is HARD, but before you know it your little one will try to laugh at one of your funny faces and you’ll realize that from that point on, it just keeps getting better and time starts to FLY!



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