the beginning of august…

I cannot believe it is already the month of August!  Where is time going?  I heard someone say the other day that time is kind of like a record, it spins and spins and the closer you get to the center the faster it seems to go!

I know I have been so bad at updating my blog lately, and it’s something I truly miss — I spend all day on a computer (graphic designer problems) that by the time I get home I avoidddd my own computer.  But I need to get back at it, it’s one of my favorite ways to journal. Anyway….

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately…

At the beginning of June my cousin/big sister Stephie from Denmark came over with her little baby Walter (who has the cutest blog, check it out here!) – we spent 10 perfect days full of laughter and love with them! I feel so lucky to have such a close relationship with my family in Denmark, even though we have so much distance between us!

stephie and walter

At the end of the month of June, Chris and I ran up to Hood River, Oregon to spend time with his immediate family – it was so fun to all be under one roof (AirBnB) and enjoy each other’s company. Chris and I drove up and can I tell you that Oregon police are the WORST!!!  This one police targeted us (that’s what I believe 😉 ) because we had Utah license plates – he then goes on to tell us that we were speeding 11mph over the limit, and then wrote us a ticket in the bracket of 11-20mph — the ticket cost as much as the flights to get up there, here we go thinking we are saving money by driving, and that police showed us otherwise, BIG bummer. I then made sure Chris didn’t even go one mile over for the remaining of the drive 😉

Here’s some pictures of our life lately!


We bought a new lens for our camera – a 50mm and we LOVE it! We’ve been playing with it non-stop and getting some beautiful pictures!


Here’s a picture that makes my mouth water – from one of our lunch dates!

montana and emie sm

My little sis, and one of my very best friends is moving to Denmark in just a week, and I am having a hard time with it 🙁 I am sure going to miss this lady!


Kanute (my parents puppy) is always there to give you cuddles!!!! He is constantly trying to sit and lay on my lap – please note that he is a 70 lb dog!


We threw a little 24th of July party at our house this year – our grill isn’t set up yet so we had pizza instead!  We then went down to main street and watched the parade, and then ended the night at the Bountiful fireworks!


Chris was a leader at scout camp at the end of July – so I woke up to beautiful flowers, a love letter and an itinerary of fun things to do while he was gone! Sooo sweet.

Anyway, just a little update!


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