see you later, switzerland!

See you later, Switzerland was the perfect title for this final post with the rest of our Switzerland pictures. Switzerland is somewhere everyone should visit in their lifetime, it is hard to put into words how beautiful this country is, so I will just try and share it with the pictures we took!

Welcome to Lucerne – this bridge is a showpiece in Lucerne and it is so pretty. Also, in the distance, on the hill there is a hotel called “MONTANA” and I am pretty sure it was a sign that we need to come back here many times over.

This swan let us get so close to it. All the other people on the walkway kept walking past it but I wanted to see how close I could get – it swam right over to me and let me take pictures of it…

… and then it posed for me so I could capture this incredible picture! (I am literally 2 feet away from it at this point)

Look at those flower boxes – beautiful!

We have so many of these pictures from driving around Switzerland – it is one of those places you keep your camera around your neck and on the whole time.

We then drove for a couple hours to the French part of Switzerland to visit Aigle Castle. It was in the middle of beautiful vineyards and the light glistened on the golden hills.

Switzerland, thank you for showing us a beauty we didn’t even know existed, we will be back (even if Chris has a withstanding ticket and is no longer allowed to drive in Switzerland – but that’s a story for another time…) 🙂



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