sailing through switzerland

this last summer my family had the fun opportunity to go to Switzerland and Denmark. It was a trip Chris and I started planning in 2017, so we were so excited when everyone agreed to our itinerary, and had the most wonderful time over those two weeks. Here are some pictures from our time in Switzerland.

After our flight over, with no sleeping baby, we were beat! None of us slept on the plane, and we had a 5 hour drive down to Zermatt, we decided to stop by Bern on your way to Zermatt – how beautiful is this city!?

The rooftops in Bern are just stunning!

When we finally arrived in Zermatt, we couldn’t see the Matterhorn, and everyone was so tired, so we went straight to bed. The next morning we woke up to the most beautiful view of the Matterhorn ever – straight off our Airbnb deck!

Super jet lagged, but heading on a train up to Gornergrat to see the Matterhorn up-close.

Zermatt is on our list of one of the most charming cities we have ever been to. You cannot drive cars up into Zermatt, so you have to park in a city below and be trained up into Zermatt. It makes the whole city so quaint and almost like a resort town. It felt so “rich.” We would love to go back and spend more time in Zermatt one day.

We enjoyed cheese fondue, ice cream, swimming in our Airbnb pool looking out to see the Matterhorn (one of my top 10 favorite moments of my life) and lots of walking while in Zermatt. This little town will forever have a special place in all of our hearts.

Up next, breathtaking Lucerne. We stayed at a modern and cool Airbnb in Weggis just across the lake from Lucerne, so we took a boat across the lake one day to visit the city of Lucerne. And boy is it pretty! Last time Chris and I went to Lucerne it was in the fall, so we loved seeing it in the summer months when all the flowers were blooming.

Pella enjoying her breakfast on our balcony overlooking Lake Lucerne. What a life!

pictures from our boat ride 🙂

We woke up one morning when in Lucerne and decide to check another country off of our list, we were going to drive to Liechtenstein – probably one of the smallest cities IN THE WORLD, and somewhere I wouldn’t recommend going, because there is literally nothing to do there hahah but… here are two pics from there, just to say… been there done that 🙂

We were flying out of Zurich, so we had one more city to see on our Switzerland adventure before heading to Denmark…

I am not going to lie, I thought Zurich would have been cooler than it was – it was just like a big city anywhere – next time we go to Switzerland I think we will bypass Zurich all together.

Switzerland is ONE of our very favorite places in the world, and as you can see from the pictures, everywhere you look is just breathtaking – these people have to be the happiest people on earth because they live in heaven!

Thanks for the warm welcome and wonderful stay, see you again soon, Switzerland!