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Our kitchen renovation was one of the first things we started when we got the keys to our house. The kitchen was covered in pink floral wallpaper, had dated cabinets, laminate counters and backsplash, old appliances and the list goes on and on. So here is the renovation of our kitchen, on a tight budget!

Check out the mess taking the wallpaper off made! Underneath the pink floral wallpaper was another layer of wallpaper that was put directly onto the sheetrock. Needless to say, it did not come off! The whole kitchen had to be “skim coated” with mud and sanded multiple times to make the wall smooth again – not fun!

The cabinets were solid wood and in good shape, and although I did not love the style of the cabinets I knew I could make them work. We used this paint called “Rethunk Junk” (which is sold in boutique stores). It promises to cover cabinets without needing to sand. Chris was very skeptical, and with a paint name like that I was nervous too, but we used the paint and it worked wonders! Three coats to cover the dark brown and our cabinets have stayed white and look awesome!


It took me a good month to paint the cabinets! (We only worked at night but still, it was more work than I thought it would be!)


New hinges made the cabinets look good as new!


This is one of the pictures from the listing – and it makes the kitchen look way better than it did (those real estate people know how to take the best pictures!) Anyway, I wanted to show this picture because out of the kitchen window was an addition the previous owners added – it was suppose to be a sun room, but it was not built very well and took up half of the patio. After a large snow storm the whole additional started caving in – secretly, I was thrilled, I wanted the addition off the moment we bought the house, but since it was the middle of winter the guys said we needed to wait until spring to take it off. With it caving in, they decided they better get it off the house so it didn’t damage the roof 🙂 so one Saturday my dad, Chris and my brother went to town on the sun room.  Once it was gone we were all surprised how much light it added to the kitchen!additondemo


Now on to countertops! Originally we were going to keep the plain laminate and not worry about spending money on granite – we had a whole house to finish and didn’t want to blow our budget in this one room. Chris was doing some research on Scandinavian kitchens and found that many kitchens in Scandinavia have butcher block countertops! I was sold. I loved the look of these wood counters, and I thought they added a lot of warmth to a white kitchen. Best part was… they were in our budget! We bought the solid butcher block countertops from Ikea and cut them and installed them ourselves.

With our painted cabinets and new counters we wanted a new backsplash! We chose white subway tiles in a matte finish and gray grout.


A new sink and faucet finished up the kitchen!



We love our kitchen and are so happy with the changes me made! We call that, design on a dime! (Does anyone else remember that show on HGTV?!)



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