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Up next, our bathroom renovations! The bathrooms were one of the scariest parts when buying this house – I have always been told that bathrooms and kitchens are the two spaces that cost the most to fix up, and we didn’t want to blow our whole reno budget on just the bathrooms.

We first started with the renovation of our main bathroom, since that was going to be the bathroom we would be using. After looking into painting the tile (haha!) we finally agreed that that magenta and pink tile was not paintable – it was going to have to be a gut job.


Where the tile ended next to the window was an awkward way to finish, so we opted to tile the whole back wall – which ended up becoming one of my favorite features of the bathroom. I love how the tile frame turned out around the window.


If this doesn’t look scary, I don’t know what does! It was at this point that I wondered if we would ever be able to put it all back together again…


And… here it is! New tile, new window, new crown, new toilet, new vanity, new accessories, new bathroom!

(This is the only wall in our house that has a different color paint than white ha! The paint color is Gentle Rain from Behr and it is the prettiest gray color we found – and we searched a lot!)

After finishing this bathroom we worked on the rest of the house and left the other bathrooms to wait until we had more money, and more guts to take on another bathroom job.

A few months later my dad was heading back to Denmark to visit my family, and Chris looked at me and said “While he is gone let’s get that washroom done and surprise him!” My dad had helped us with our whole renovation and spent hundreds of hours by our sides. Chris wanted to show him all that he had learned, and also surprise him with another completed bathroom – I was all game! We had a week, and we were determined.


Another colorful bathroom – yellow and burnt orange.


These images still gives me anxiety – ha! This tile is one of my favorites – but it was so hard to do! Imagine having a 1/8″ of a grout line – this left no room for error.


When we were putting on the wainscoting one of our temporary valves that we put on after taking out the sink burst off! I screamed in panic for Chris to turn the water to the house off, and fortunately he was right by the shut off valve! Luckily we were able to get the water up (with every towel in our house) and put a few fans in there overnight to dry up the rest.


And here is the after!

We still have another bathroom to tackle in the basement, but we were so happy/relieved to have the bathrooms on our main floor all completed!

One tip about bathrooms – do the work yourself! It can be so costly to have someone else renovate your bathrooms and it really is not as scary, or hard as it seems!



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