pella turns one month

The way he loves and takes care of her melts me!

Thanksgiving dinner – although Pel didn’t have anything but milk, she has the perfect face for after a big feast.

Convincing her that their are only two colors in the world… PINK AND PURPLE!

This picture is kind of fun, this is me on the left and Pella on the right, I think you can say the hospital gave us the right baby, isn’t it crazy how similar we look?

Learning to love her kitty!

cuddling on my chest – check out Pella’s new bracelet that I made. We have matching ones! (my favorite part of this picture is the drool coming from her mouth!)

I have been obsessed with these bows by Baby Bling – I have them in many colors and love how soft they’re on her head!

all stretched out at one week old!

Pella’s first outing with only me – obviously Pella wasn’t as nervous as I was to take her out! But all went well, and no melt downs happened.

Pella makes the funniest faces! This is her “Who are you trying to hold me?!” face! haha

Followed shortly by this big smile!

This is a picture of our first date since having Pella – we left her with auntie em and mama b to enjoy the jazz game!


We braved the cold to get our Christmas card pictures done! We kept Pella Bella bundled up since it was a mere 30 degrees outside! She still looked cute even as a bundle – check out her pom pom shoes 🙂

and here’s a picture of Pel at the end of her first month!


Happy first month to our baby girl!

We have a few nicknames for our little Pella – Pel, Pels, Pella Bella, Pelly and dad’s favorite one “little one”

You’re a good little sleeper – you only wake up at 2 am for a feeding and then again at 6 am for you second feeding and then you’ll usually sleep until 9am

When you sleep you make the cutest little sounds – it’s like you’re dreaming and it’s so sweet. You try to make sounds (sing) when we play you music

You LOVE your hands – they are always up by your face, and now we have to put little mittens on so you don’t scratch your pretty face

You hardly ever cry! Even when we change your diaper. Everyone tells us that we are so lucky you have such a calm demeanor

You’re starting to love your binkie – but when you spit it out you wake up from your nap and start crying

You are such a cuddle bug. You love being cuddled into anyone’s chest and are happiest when you are there. I’m sure if you could you’d sleep the whole day on our chests.

The second you wake up from your nap we have to run to get a bottle made. You start throwing your head from side to side with your mouth open, and you give us about three minutes before you’ll start crying.

You LOVE to stretch – when you wake up from your naps you like to be laid down so you can do all your stretching. Your back arches in the cutest way.

You’re also getting so strong. At just two weeks you were trying to figure out how to hold your head up, and you’re already rolling from your tummy to your back!

We also think you’re already so smart. You focus on everything and always look towards whoever comes in the room. You also smile when you see your mama b is holding you

Oh Pel we love you, and we are excited to watch you GROW!

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