Pella is 8 MONTHS!

Our baby is eight months! CRAZY fun, and exciting!! She has grown so much mentally this month it is so fun to watch! This month Pella took a big trip, her first one out of the country – to Switzerland, Liechtenstein (quick day trip) and to Papa J’s homeland of DENMARK. She was such an angel the whole time, and really LOVED traveling and seeing so many new things. My whole family can’t stop saying how much she grew up on this trip! I have a million pictures to sort through from our trip, but here are a few of my favorite from Pella’s eighth month.

Her and Kanute LOVE each other! They both get so excited to see each other and Pella gives him pats while he licks her hands and face!

A little mischievous after napping on Nana – she woke up to pull her necklace haha

On our plane ride to Atlanta (on our way to Switzerland) my parents sat in the emergency isle, but for some reason on this plane they had a 6′ area in front of them with nothing, so Pella and I sat on the ground and played with toys. It was so nice and once in a lifetime luck!

My cousin Stephie’s boyfriend Anders and her little boy Holger

Still so close to crawling – we are calling her our inch worm, because she can really move, but doesn’t keep her knees underneath her yet.

My 1/4th Danish girl – on the streets on a quaint city in Denmark

double the trouble as we hung out with Pella’s “twin” Danish cousin (they had the same due date, but ended up being born just 5 days apart!)

A family selfie from our train ride to see the Matterhorn in Switzerland

Cruisin’ around Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Waving in the cows in Liechtenstein

Spending the evening at Tivoli – Pel’s first amusement park

Lots and lots of hours spend on planes this month – grateful for this plane bassinet, which freed up our hands for a couple hours!

The coolest girl we know!


First off, we LOVE the little personality Pella has – she honestly smiles and giggles all the time. My aunt in Denmark kept saying how she has never seen a happier baby, and it’s true, people tell us this all the time!

This month it became apparent how much she loves BOYS haha she smiles and flirts with all boys. Pel had her first babysitter this month (other than our family members) and she was a little fussy, but once she went to Kimball, the older brother of the Annie (the girl watching her) she was happy as a clam.

This month Pella got her third tooth – on the bottom haha so now she has three teeth on the bottom and none on the top… yet! I see a couple that will be coming through anytime now.

Pella has started to become really attached to Chris and myself. She wants to make sure we are close by all the time. I love it, I love feeling so needed by her – sure sometimes I have too much to get done, but then I remember how fast time flies and how sweet it is that she cares for us so much.

We are working on getting into more of a napping routine, but our trip overseas really through us through a loop. Hopefully we will be able to start taking naps during the day.

Pella loves to EAT food now. She wants to try a bit of everything we eat, and just in the last couple weeks prefers to eat over drinking her bottle. Feeding is fun, but so messy, and I am not good with messes haha so it takes a lot of patience on my part to not clean up after each bite.

Pella keeps getting more and more fun, and I am excited to see how her personality grows in the next month.

Keep GROWING baby girl!

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