pella at 4 months

Time is flying around our home, and our little newborn is now a baby! She is growing and growing – in size and personality! To say WE ARE IN LOVE with her is an understatement, she brings so much joy to our lives and home. I am smiling ear to ear as I write this!

Every time Chris swings Pel towards the mirror she giggles so loud – I snuck into the hall to capture this moment of their reflection in the mirror! Also, look at that baby sitting up – queen of our house on her throne.

Our little fairy! My mom made this quilt for Pella and I’ve wanted to capture the pretty colors of it. It took almost a year to hunt down enough pretty purple fabrics, but I am so glad I stuck with wanting purple because I think it turned out stunning!

oh please read the caption above – that’s what happens when dads watch babies haha


She’s growing up so much – look at her holding her own bottle.

Our little family on Pella’s blessing day!

A little homemade BLESSED sign for our fireplace – I didn’t want to take the decorations down because I loved the word BLESSED so much! But now our Easter decorations are up and I love those as well. (Can you believe how fast Easter is coming up, I am excited to have it on Conference Sunday!)

We had our families come over after for a salad bar – I loved decorating and planning her little party – I wish I could host a party every weekend!

Oh our little RAY of SUNSHINE! Every time I would walk past her room she would look away from her toys and give me this big grin!

Pella’s putting every thing in her little mouth

Only the sweetest looks from this little babe – look at her in her big girl stroller! To say she loves walks is an understatement.


Pella is the HAPPIEST baby, she is always smiling with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen, open mouth and all. Anything you do makes Pella smile and giggle. And as long as you’re paying attention to her she LOVES life.

This month Pella had her blessing. My mother-in-law Nora made her the most beautiful linen and lace dress (this will be an heirloom in our family for years to come) Chris gave her a lovely blessing and she behaved the whole time (which was a worry because she’s so alert now and was wide awake the whole time – she actually kept spitting out her binkie and we gave Chris’s brother Johnny the job of making sure the binkie kept getting put back in… haha but on the 4th time the binkie hit the ground and was out for the rest of the blessing!)

As you can see in all of the pictures, she is so happy. She loves when you kiss her cheeks, when you raise her high in the air and when you nibble at her toes.

If Pel ever starts crying, as long as you go over and talk with her she does this half cry half laugh – she can’t stay sad because she’s so happy you’re playing with her. It’s such a funny mix, you don’t know if somethings wrong or if she just wanted attention because it’s never like a real cry.

Pella can now sit in her big girl stroller. It’s fun to watch her look around on our walks, and I am sure as the weather warms up this will become a regular thing for us to do every night.

We think Pella is starting to get little teeth on the bottom. She is drooling all the time – and as we try to wipe her face she tries to eat whatever comes near her mouth. Lately, EVERYTHING goes in her little mouth. She loves chewing and giving everything a taste.

In the last couple of weeks Pella has gotten bed time down! She will now sleep from 8pm until 5am and then get a little bottle and go back to bed till 7:30. We figured out that if we get Pel to bed earlier (like at 8pm) she sleeps much better than us trying to keep her up later in hopes that she will sleep longer. Ever since we switched her bedtime to 8pm she’s done so much better with sleeping and is the happiest little thing when she wakes up – full of kicks and smiles.

Another funny memory is that the Lollipop camera we have over Pella’s crib must look like a big eye to Pella because whenever we find her awake she is giggling looking straight at the camera haha it’s the cutest thing!

We have Pella’s 4 month check up next week and we are excited to see how much she’s grown, and what her next milestones will be.

We continue to love our little girl more and more each day, and are so lucky she chose us in heaven!

Until next monthly update…

xx montana bach

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