our pella is half a year old! 6 months

How is our baby 6 months old!? Time is flying around here, and Pella just keeps growing. We LOVE this stage. She is pure joy. She smiles at everyone and everything, is constantly giggling, and loves her dad and mom. Lately, in the last week or so she’s become so attached to Chris and myself. She wants to always be held by one of us. We are soaking up this stage, because it is quite sweet.

Pella will talk for hours now. Just at the top of her lungs trying out new sounds. It is so funny, and sometimes exhausting haha her favorite time to talk in when someone is praying.

At the beginning of the month Pella wouldn’t take ANY naps for me during the day, which is hard when you work from home – I had to play with her all day, and then work at night when Chris got home. I was a little frustrated so turned to my friends to see what they do to help their babies sleep. My cousin in Denmark said that they use this hammock over there that puts babies to sleep almost instantly. It’s a New Zealand company called Natures Sway. We went online and ordered one that day. It came just 2 days later (all the way from New Zealand – so yes, shipping was crazy expensive) but it has been a LIFESAVER. She loves her hammock, and if she wakes up and moves the spring the hammock is hanging from gently bounces her back to sleep. She now will take 2 or 3 naps a day (and they are around 2 hours long!) I cannot believe it! I wish I had this hammock sooner!

Also, look at that sweet picture of my mom and Pel, if that’s not the sweetest picture I do not know what is! Love both of them so much!

Because in our family we are OBSESSED with pictures, here is our spring family pictures – I cannot believe how big Pel has gotten, she now fills up our arms!

Pretty spring blooms! I loved this picture of the flowers in our kitchen last week that I have to share it here – after all, with these extensive Pella Posts they have become our journal, so you may get some extra pictures of our life (family, flowers, house etc.) mixed into our Pella Posts 🙂

My favorite picture ever taken of chris and myself, oh how I love him, and my face has that love written all over it!

The sweetest sleeping baby, this month Pella has been so cuddly and attached to Chris and myself, melt my heart!

Celebrating Em’s birthday at Market Street Grill – a family favorite.

Pella playing at church on the ground + Pella’s bow turning her into a NINJA haha


Pella got sick for her first time this month. A bad cold 🙁 it was so sad to watch and know that she just had to let her body fight it and there was nothing I could do. It took about 10 days to clear. I had no idea how sad it is when you, as a mom, have to watch your kiddo in pain.

This month Pella has really started being interested in everything around her. She is constantly glued to my hip and wanting to do what I am doing. She even sits on my lap as I work on the computer.

Pella has become so interested in food – and wants to “eat and drink” whatever we are eating and drinking. I have to let her have a lick of my Diet Coke when I am drinking one (don’t worry, she never actually gets the Diet Coke, but she wants to be just like her mama, which may mean I need to stop my Diet Coke habit haha)

Pella giggles and laughs at everyone, and when your holding her and someone makes her smile she buries her face into your shoulder, it is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

Pella LOVES to be on her belly, and the second you lay her down she will roll over instantly, (this is hard for when you set her down in her crib, so we have to have her sleep overnight in her Dock-A-Tot so she can’t roll) but she is trying SO hard to crawl! Currently she can spin herself in circles and move backwards – but just in the last two days she’s figured out how to pull herself forward. I am sure we will have a crawling baby soon!

Pella is starting to figure out who “her people” are, and wants to be held by her mom, dad or grandparents. She is still okay with being held by strangers but only if we are close by!

Everywhere we go people tell us we have the happiest baby, and it’s true – Pella is constantly happy! Even her grandma said that she is the happiest baby she’s ever seen. We feel SO LUCKY she is our baby!

I am excited to see what happens in the next month, and what fun experiences I will get to write in my seven month Pella Post 🙂

Keep growing baby girl, we are soaking up every moment!


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