lost in london

At the beginning of the month my mom and I were planning on going over to Denmark to surprise my little sister for her birthday. She has been living in Denmark and going to school for the last 9 months and we wanted to see her day to day life and all that she’s been up to.

All of my dad’s family lives in Denmark (minus one of my Uncles who lives in England) so we had a lot of Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and my Grandma that we would have seen while visiting my little sister. We were excited to go on this girls trip!

We had scored a great price on a direct flight from SLC > LHR and planned on spending one evening at a hotel in London and then heading to Denmark early the following morning. My Uncle and his girlfriend came up from their bed and breakfast on the Isle of Wight to see us and we enjoyed a few hours at dinner full of laughs, chatter and catching up. I always LOVE seeing my uncle Gert, and I always leave loving him even more!

After our dinner we headed straight to bed. We had a very, very early morning to catch our flight to Denmark, and we had been traveling all day – we were beat. We barley slept that night as we were worried about missing our alarm clock.

In the morning we bused to the airport and went to check in at the kiosk. At the kiosk they told us my mom’s passport would expire in 2.5 months (which we knew before leaving) but then went on to tell us that because of this expiration date that we would not be able to enter Denmark… We were so confused?! Have you ever heard of that rule? Apparently to enter the EU you have to have at least 3 months until your passport expires. We continued to fight the airlines, telling them that my dad – my sister and all of our families were citizens of Denmark, and we had a returning flight in just 6 days back to the USA – we were not planning on sneaking into Denmark and staying. They still wouldn’t let us board the flight. The told us that we could talk to the US Embassy and see if they could extend her passport – but OF COURSE it was a British holiday weekend and the Embassy was closed. We were “LOST IN LONDON…”

We called my dad in a panic telling him we were stuck in England and had no where to stay – or anything planned to do.

It was midnight back home but he managed to find us the only Marriott hotel room left in London – we used SOOO many of his points for this hotel room that we felt bad, but it was very nice and so centrally located that it made our stay in London amazing.

We then flew my little sister Emie over to spend the week with us in London. The week was full of museums, a double decker bus tour and lots of shopping.

Here are some pics from our Lost in London trip…

The first day we were in London my mom and I went to a bunch of museums. My sister doesn’t love museums so we decided we would try and see as many as we could before she landed the following morning.

I cannot believe this peony is a painting – isn’t the texture incredible?!

We then bought some flowers and a cupcake for Em’s arrival – a little surprise on her bed in the hotel room!

Oh hey Em! It was so fun seeing her after such a long time apart!



So I know I’ve written about double decker bus tours before, but they seriously are my FAVORITE thing to do in big cities. We’ve done one in Rome & New York City just within the last year. I love, love, love the history you learn on these bus rides as well as the incredible pictures you can get without hundreds of people in the pics!

Although, I’ve been to London multiple times in the last few years, it was still fun to spend a week in London with my mom and sister! And I guess it leaves an excuse to go back to Denmark soon 😉





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