little update – introducing taste ripe

Hello March! It’s crazy how fast time is flying by, but I am so excited for warmer weather and spring flowers. Just this morning I woke up to birds chirping and it put me into the best mood!

I haven’t done a regular update on my blog in forever so I thought I would write what we are up to lately…

Chris launched his company, Taste Ripe in February. Chris grew up visiting his families orchards in Oregon, and he has always had a love for fresh fruit straight from the tree, and he wants to bring that to Utah.

You know how when you eat fruit from the garden it taste different than the fruit from the store? It’s because it was left on the tree, bush or vine until it was ripe and ready to pick. (Most of the fruit you get at the supermarket is picked 3+ weeks in advance and then treated with gases so that it looks ripe at the store. It looses so much nutritional value and flavor because it is picked too far in advance.) Chris’s company Taste Ripe ( promises to bring fruit picked at the PEAK of freshness and deliver it to Utah in three days or less.

So each month Chris will have the orchards pick the fruit that is in season, and at its ripest and then we will have it trucked into Utah and dropped off at local stops around the state. The fruit will be from Oregon, Washington, California and Georgia (peaches!!!) – wherever the BEST fruit comes from is where we are heading to pick it up!


I am excited to see Chris grow his business, and even more excited to have a kitchen full of delicious and ripe fruit all summer long! Check out his website to learn more, and see how you could become one of the local stops (and even earn some extra money!)


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