february 2018

Now that I do Pella’s monthly updates I feel like I don’t have much more to say in our own lives since they revolve around her haha but I thought it would be fun to do a little update of what Chris and I are up to, our plans, our dreams and goals.

I am still working, I just work from home now when Pella sleeps. I actually never even took a maternity leave (I was working in the hospital the day she was born – haha) but it’s my personality type, I LOVE WORK, I love the feeling of success and accomplishment it brings. Just this last week we’ve really been trying to get Pel into a sleeping schedule so that I know what hours I can dedicate every day to working and getting projects done! The sleeping schedule thing is harder than you’d expect, but she’s currently napping right on schedule so BIG WIN around here.

Recently I redecorated our front room – new couch and all and I am in LOVE! I found this Restoration Hardware couch for a STEAL so I had to pick it up. I love the warmth it adds to our front room.

Chris made me that ottoman a couple of weeks ago and I think it works perfectly in our new space. Above my computers is a collage of pictures I put together. I did a quick thrift store run and then took the next couple of days cleaning and painting the frames. A trip to pictureline to print all of the images and done. I am the type of person that when I have an idea you better watch out because I will get it done within a week, haha poor Chris, but he’s use to it…. I even asked him yesterday if we could paint our solid wood kitchen table white, he was very hesitant, but I guarantee you it will be done by next week 😉 (oh and I should mention, I have two computer screens for work purposes)

Another huge thing going on in both Chris and my own life is our eating plan. My goal was to have all of my baby weight off by Pella’s third month, and I am happy to report I am below my pre-pregnancy weight. We are doing the diet/lifestyle called Keto (meaning we don’t eat sugar and only eat 25 carbs a day) but we feel fantastic, and it’s working. We spend a lot of evenings cooking together in the kitchen and figuring out recipes that fit within our diet. Did you know the average person eats 300 carbs a day!!! Crazy! We are a big believer in the Keto lifestyle so if anyone has questions – ask away!

We have a few fun trips coming up that we are looking forward to. We booked a trip to Oregon at the beginning of April, a trip to Switzerland and Denmark in July and then a trip to Hawaii in September. We are praying that Pella does well on flights so all of this traveling goes smoothly. (Cross your fingers!) The thing I am most excited about going on our trips is taking pictures, I love traveling and capturing it with my camera.

This is a pic from Venice when we were there a couple of years ago.

Chris is a web developer at Pictureline, and is loving it. He also has a few other ideas up his sleeve so we are excited to see those roll out within the next year or so. He’s so creative that it’s fun to see all of the ideas he comes up with. I am lucky to have a really smart and business savvy husband.

Here are a few of our (my) favorite things…

I am obsessed with this lady’s instagram and blog – I LOVE HER STYLE, she makes me want to live in Charleston, South Carolina.

Lucy (the lady I linked above) also shared the best article I’ve read in a long time – it’s about making a three year plan and watching it happen, you can read it here.

Chris and I are trying to figure out where we want a future vacation home, we currently are loving Newport, Oregon and South of France (if you don’t put your dreams out there they don’t happen 😉 so here’s one of our dreams! – also something I did inspired by Lucy’s article above)

Oh no, I shouldn’t admit to this but I have been a crazy target shopper lately… when you’re up in the middle of the night and you have a TARGET CARD (which everyone should have) you buy things! haha seriously, it’s free shipping and I will find things all the time and check out quickly and then realize in the morning that I bought something from Target that I didn’t really want in the middle of the night hahaha but I love my Target card. And it makes returns so easy since you don’t have to keep your receipts. I am sure to be banned from Target soon because of the amount of things I buy in the middle of the night that I don’t really want… but for now I think it’s funny.

Pella is getting blessed next month and I wanted to have our family over after for a salad bar. We got Threshold dishes from our wedding that I’ve never loved, because the first time we used them out silverware left streaks across the porcelain. I thought about getting some fancy new dishes but then did some research and ultimately opted for some practical ones while we have little kiddos running around – I bought these feminine plates and am excited to use them for her blessing brunch and everyday use.

I’ve been trying to pin down my home style for a while now and I think I’ve finally got it – I love French Country! I love the warmth of the natural materials as well as the detailing in the wood works. When we build our dream home it will be in this style!

Oh one other question I get asked a lot, what camera to I shoot with. I shoot our every day life with this camera  – I have had a lot of cameras throughout my life and this one is by far my favorite. It’s small and compact but takes incredible pictures with very high quality. I bring it around with me everywhere.


This blogpost was ALL OVER THE PLACE, but I wanted to get down some memories of our life lately. Hope you all are enjoying your February (can you believe it’s almost over! CRAZY)








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