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I thought it would be fun to do a little post with some of the latest pictures from my phone. A little bit of what our lives look like lately! So here we go 🙂

Chris went up to Oregon last month to pick up 2 tons of cherries for his company Taste Ripe. They drove up and back in 30 hours in a reefer rental truck! I was nervous the whole time. I was so thankful Chris’s brother Johnny went with him!

He brought back the yummiest Rainer cherries, and we’ve been munching on them for weeks!

We went to the Manchester United vs. Real Salt Lake earlier this summer – so fun, until I started getting sick of sitting for so long with my growing belly!

OH MY! I found this picture on my phone the other day and forgot to share it on my baby announcement post. Remember how I wrote that my dad’s reaction was a big “Oh NOOO!” when he found out our baby is a little girl, haha well you can literally read his lips in this picture. So funny!

Chris has bought me the prettiest roses lately, I think roses are becoming my new favorite flower – and they seem to last twice as long as any other flowers!

We’ve had a lot of yummy BBQ’s at my parents house this summer – ALSO please notice how my mom’s hand is in a cup full of ice… she burned herself 🙁 which she does about once a month hahah she is so accident prone when it comes to cooking, I am just glad she still does it so we can all enjoy her yummy food!

Baby’s ever-growing closet! Everything looks so so cute little, so I can’t stop – but I have promised Chris I will lay off buying her things for a little while haha

Here’s a sneak peak of baby’s crib and canopy that we made last week! I searched all over for the “perfect” canopy, but felt like I couldn’t find the right weight and feel of fabric that I was looking for – so one Friday afternoon I started scheming how I wanted to make my very own canopy – I drew up some plans and when Chris got off work I informed him that I had the perfect date planned for us – a CRAFT date (which seriously is my perfect date) He was such a good trooper and helped me end up making this in just a couple hours! It is beautiful and my favorite part of her nursery.

This is a gift from my mom at my shower a couple of weeks ago! It was not only the prettiest package I’ve ever received it was also full some of the most darling and thoughtful gifts! (like the mobile hanging from baby’s canopy in the picture above!) I seriously almost started crying as I opened this gift, everything was so thoughtful and so perfectly my taste! (Which isn’t hard for my mom since we literally love everything the same!)

Some of the delicious food that my sister-in-law Mechale made for my shower a couple of weeks ago!! Can you imagine how long that crepe cake must have taken to make?! DELICIOUS!

And this fruit and cheese plate from the shower!!! My mouth is watering as I am putting up these images!

Here’s a little selfie from a couple of days ago! I had the hardest time finding a dress that made me look “pregnant!” My bump hasn’t popped yet, so I just look like I had a big dinner. I was worried because we were getting our maternity pics done this week so I searched high and low for a dress that showed off my stomach, and found this little number! I took it up to my mother-in-law and had her add some sleeves and make the dress a little longer! It turned out better than I expected, and little baby has made more and more of an appearance in the last couple of days which will be perfect for our maternity pics!

That’s a little bit of what our lives have looked like in the last month or so… we are enjoying a summer at home with lots of family time, and time to relax and let baby girl grow! (And in turn my belly…)

xx montana b.








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