celebrating the fourth + announcing our little one!

We could not be more excited to announce our little one coming this November! We have been keeping it a secret for over 20 weeks!

Why keep it a secret? Firstly, because I’ve felt really quite good in my early pregnancy. I haven’t had nausea or any real consistent sickness. Plus, I haven’t started showing yet, so I loved not having people ask me constantly how I was feeling or if I’ve been sick. Nope, I have been great! SUPER lucky, I know!!! I also thought if we waited to tell people time would fly by way faster, and then all of a sudden we would have a baby!

I even considered keeping it a secret for longer, but once we found out we were having a little girl I was too excited not to share our news!

Here are some pictures we took to announce our pregnancy to our family and friends…


The only people that knew we were pregnant was our parents, my siblings, and my haircutter (hahaha what do we NOT tell our haircutters)

The day we went to find out whether we were having a little boy or girl I was soooo nervous. I had told people my whole life “Oh I would have a baby tomorrow if I could guarantee it was a girl…” I was so outspoken about how bad I wanted a little girl that I made myself so nervous to find out for sure what we were having.

When we got to the ultrasound everything was going really well. She then went down to the baby’s legs and they were crossed… our ultrasound technician told us she would go around and look at the rest of the baby and go back to the legs to find out the gender at the end.

30 minutes later her little legs were still crossed. And our ultrasound was ending. I was heartbroken… I hadn’t slept in days because I was so excited and nervous for this appointment and we were getting ready to tell the rest of our families and I wanted to be able to tell them if we were having a boy or girl… I called my dad, mom and sister crying telling them I wouldn’t know until I came back to the doctor in three weeks for another ultrasound.

After some big crocodile tears Chris told me we could go to Fetal Fotos and get another ultrasound done to see if we could see the gender. He also told me that we shouldn’t tell my family we are doing another ultrasound so we could surprise them at a dinner we had planned for the next evening. I read up on how to make the baby move so that she would uncross her legs and found out that if you drink sugar drinks she may start kicking around. I went straight to get a coke!

We went back into the room and started our SECOND ultrasound for the day and we saw right away that she was a little girl!!! I about died with excitement! I just kept looking at Chris in disbelief. This was my dream, to have a little girl and I could not believe my eyes. My heart almost burst!!

The next day we had a family dinner planned (to announce the gender) with my whole family at Market Street Grill (yes, we go here for every important event in my life hahaha it’s my favorite restaurant)… I picked up a cake at Harmons before dinner and asked the waitress to bring it out as a surprise at the end of dinner. After we ate my mom kept saying that she had to run home because her parking validation was about to expire and my dad could wait for the bill … I tried so hard to keep her there without blowing the surprise, but as soon as she stood up I looked at Chris and said “WAIT, there’s a cake coming!” My parents couldn’t believe that we knew!!!! And everyone started guessing what the gender was based off of my mood 😉 

My parents were wearing a blue and pink shirt!!! Such a funny coincident! My dad was hoping for a little boy and my mom was banking on a little girl! (She had already bought some darling things for a little granddaughter)

Here’s the picture when she pulled out the slice – look at her joy!!! And if you saw the video you would hear my dad saying “NOOOOOOO!” hahaha he can never hold in any emotion. But he will warm up to a his first grand baby being a little girl, and she will love him more than anything!

On the fourth of July we had brunch at my parents house! Look how my mom set the table, she is always SOOO good at creating such beautiful and festive tablescapes.


We ended our 4th of July day with dinner in Park City and the Oakley Rodeo. Overall, it was one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had, and we are so excited our little secret it out!


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