9 MONTHS with my sweet P

Our baby is nine months!!! that’s 3/4 of a year. Pel has always been a little ball of joy and the happiest baby, but it is so fun to see her real personality come out now! She is so spunky, giggly and knows what she wants. (example: when we push her in the cart at the grocery store she prefers to sit on the handles looking outward with her feet flat on the basket. She is a diva, and I absolutely love it! (don’t worry, this diva is the sweetest little thing you’ve ever seen.)

A quick trip to Trader Joes – my shopping buddy (sitting in the cart normal… for a few minutes!)

A little mermaid! Our Pella LOVES the pool.

Just the cute girl I get to hangout with everyday!

Sweet baby got sick (really sick) for the first time this month. It was right after we had gotten home from Europe and she came down with a super high fever, roseola and a double ear infection. After many phone calls to the dr. office, and one visit we finally got her put on some antibiotics and she was back to her smiley self again! I swear when babies are sick it’s harder on the parents than them haha! sooo many hours of sleep lost and I stayed up watching her and checking her temperature.

one of my FAVORITE pictures of Pella (on the left). She LOVES the camera, and loves seeing herself hahaha (mom, no comment)

Taking her Monelie Fairy Doll for a ride – one of our favorite toys around here 😉

My littlest bestest friend, that I just so happened to have made 😉


After our Europe trip Pella come home spoiled with LOVE! having 7 adults dote on her 24/7 left this girl so much more grown up! She became a little girl on that trip, and I have loved watching her personality start to shine.

She LOVES doing what I am doing all of the time, she is glued to my left hip (and only my left hip – sooo back problems!)

She is still trying hard to crawl, and pretty much planks and then inchworms around the house. It’s so cute, sometime I will leave her in her bedroom and walk to the front room just to turn around and see her trying to inchworm as fast as she can to me.

She loves her walker now, and runs around in that thing as fast as she can, until she hits the wall, then she backs up and runs again. She just wants to GO!

After our trip I was worried if we would ever get her to sleep normal again, and luckily she came home and went right back to her schedule. We now just set her in her crib when she yawns or rubs her eyes, turn on her music and leave the room. She will play with her binkie and kitty in her crib and then roll over and go straight to sleep. It’s been a dream!

Our Pella is the biggest eater! She would much rather eat than drink bottles, and wants to try everything we are eating. Right now she LOVES goldfish, and will stuff her mouth with as many as she can fit in, and she really likes her rice cereal with apple and mango baby food mixed in.

This month Pella got tooth number 4 and 5 (also while she was sick) – so pretty soon this girlfriend will have a smile full of teeth.

As she continues to grow so does our love for her! I just cannot believe I was lucky enough to be her mom. She is my definition of happy, and I just LOVE HER!


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