7 month old Pella

I know I say this every month, but I cannot believe my baby is turning into a little girl! She is the definition of delight around our home, and I feel like she completes our little family! 

Pella is always giggling and smiling – she is the easiest baby to turn her frown upside down! It takes one kiss and a tickle and she is back to her joyful self!

Pella looks like an angel when she sleeps, I always have to take lots of pics with my phone…

Pella’s first time on her Grandpa’s new boat – we had to go buy her a lifejacket in her size, and she did so well in it – she wore it for about an hour without any struggling – it was a fun Saturday spent zipping around the lake!

This month we also went to Farmington Pond to show Pella the ducks. We read that bread could be bad for the ducks tummies and lettuce was a better food for them. Well the ducks at Farmington pond are either too spoiled or allergic to lettuce because they avoided us haha but we still had lots of fun sitting by the pond and throwing pebbles in to watch the splash!


Oh my little sweetheart! Trying to crawl around!

Pella’s first selfie ^ hahah all by herself! and visiting her Grandpa at school to drop off a treat!


A picnic at the park with a couple of our girlfriends! These are the girls I babysat – and now they are babysitting my baby! CRAZY FUN! We love Brookie and Lillie ?


Pella is trying so hard to move around on her own – she is trying hard to crawl, but can’t quite get her knees underneath her to help her push off.

This month we bought Pella a walker and she cruises around our house in it! You have to be sure to be paying close attention of she may zip so quickly she’ll run over your toes.

Pella LOVES to try and eat everything now! Whatever you are eating you have to make sure to give her a taste, and not expect any of it back haha I thought I would avoid giving her certain foods when I first had her, but now that she wants to eat everything that girl gets EVERYTHING haha treats and all!

Pel is her delightful self, and loves going to just about anyone for a snuggle! She especially loves BOYS haha we may have a future problem on our hands 😉

She is constantly glued to my hip and has a real fear of missing out on anything fun if she takes naps. She wants to do what I am doing all the time. It is so sweet, and a little bit exhausting. I even strap her in her carrier as we clean the house. She never cries or strains even with all the ups and downs of cleaning baseboards and bathrooms – she is just content that she gets to do everything with me.

And lastly, it’s true what they say, they just keep getting more and more fun! I LOVE watching my baby grow, and at night I sit there and watch her monitor as she sleeps and think how lucky I am to have my own little human that I get to love and take care of just a room away! Oh how I love my little girl!


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