5 months with Pella

Our little Pella Bella has been with us for five months now, and every day just gets more and more fun. She has the happiest demeanor, and even her Grandma said that she is the happiest baby she’s ever seen. Just last night Chris was asking me “how did we get so lucky to have such a joyful baby in our life?” I AGREE! Life with 5 month old Pel is a complete delight.

Pella started teething this month, so we spent the first few weeks of the month trying to make her comfortable, look at that cute banana chew toy. And on the right is Pella eating REAL bananas! She’s eating solids now, growing right up!

hahah! When we were at her 4 month check-up we were telling the doctor how we think she is starting to teeth. The doctor told us she is too young to be teething and that her sticking everything in her mouth and drooling lots was just part of her developing… UNTIL, the doctor put her finger in her mouth and she looks at us and says “OH YEP, those are teeth, they should be popping through any time now.” She also told us that the youngest patient she ever had teething was 4 months. So Pella is right there with her youngest patient. Our whole family texts me daily to see if they had popped through yet, so I took this funny picture on the right with a snapchat filter and sent it to my dad to tell him the good news, he laughed so hard! On the right is Pella in the bath Easter morning, when her teeth finally broke through and made their appearance. Our little baby bunny!

Some of my mom’s good friends took us out to lunch to celebrate little Pels

We spend a good chunk of our morning playing with Pella’s toys now that she is so active!

Our little family on Easter

Pella is already trying to crawl around – and prefers to be on her stomach so she can practice. The funny thing is most babies learn how to roll from their stomach to their backs first (because most babies hate being on their stomachs) but Pel is the opposite, she can roll so well from her back to her stomach, but she can’t roll back over haha so I spend much of nap time checking on her and going in to roll her back over…

My whole world in two people.

This month Pella took her first flight – a quick weekend trip to Oregon and she did so well. I was SO nervous about her crying the whole flight, and as soon as we started moving she fell right asleep and slept the whole flight. I hope she will be this same way on our long flight to Europe in a couple of months.

A relaxing weekend listening to rain in Hood River, Oregon

Since I only ever do Pella update posts, you get a to see some of our memories in these post too, haha Chris and I in Oregon.

Baby Pella and her little cousin Nora – we loved being able to meet up with Chris’s sister Mechale and her family in Oregon.

She is constantly like this – a BIG open smile!

We are obsessed with our little baby, and cannot believe she is ours!


Pella is constantly talking now – and her little voice gets louder and louder as she keeps going. Chris took her on a walk the other day and he said she talked the whole time and everyone that passed by looked over to see what was going on haha.

Pella got a new bouncer this month, and if you put on any animal show on TV she loves it. The animal she seems to be most interested in when watching TV is horses, my mom’s dream! She wants a little cowgirl granddaughter so bad.

When we were in Oregon Pella met and pet her first REAL kitty! She reached out and pet the head all by herself, melt my heart. Now Pella and I are trying to convince Chris to get a kitty for our home.

Pella has tried eating pears, bananas, strawberries, apples and rice cereal – but bananas seem to be her favorite. She reaches for the whole banana and sucks on them like a bottle. It makes a huge mess, but she’s so happy I just let her keep eating.

Pella reaches for everything now – she’s got the control of both of her hands down so well. She passes things from hand to hand and wants to touch and feel anything she’s around.

Oh how our love for our little girl grows everyday. Excited to see what next month brings.


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