12 months with little Pel

This month has been my favorite by far, with Pel’s first Halloween and her first birthday, this month was filled to the brim with celebrations, activities and lots of family time.

We threw a little Halloween party at our house, so our families all came over dressed up. Look how cute everyone looked, and LOOK at my little black kitty! I was dying with how cute she looked. (And those whiskers on her cheeks were very hard to do… that’s why she didn’t get a black nose like her mama… too wiggly!)

She stole Papa J’s Viking hat at the party, THE CUTEST viking I have ever seen! My little Dane.

Picking out a present for her new cousin – I wish you could see this live picture on my phone… it’s darling!

And so much cuddling this month. She just loves to be held – and is kind of getting to the separation anxiety stage, but I LOVE IT!

One more picture from my iPhone, I can’t believe just a couple of months ago she would sleep in this swing! Now she can’t fit at all!

Now onto the BIRTHDAY GIRL!

A Hello Kitty theme for our little girl that LOVES kitties!

In the morning we picked up some pink roses for the birthday girl, the same roses that my mom gave me the day she was born! And then we met Dada for lunch!

We then decorated her FROM SCRATCH cakes that I spent all week making. Haha German chocolate cakes with salted caramel frosting. My first from scratch cakes, and they were delicious!

We then had our families over to celebrate, look at all the pretty presents this girl had to open!

Finished off with a smash cake for Pella, and he had the best day of her life. It’s like she knew it was her birthday. She was glowing all day long, and LOVED all the extra attention she was getting! It really was HER day! And I feel lucky I got to be apart of her day, and celebrate the light that she is in everyone who knows her life! We love our peanut more than she will ever know! Happy 1st birthday sweetheart!

oh and one more picture to end off Pella’s first year… our family Christmas Card picture – love these two more than words can describe!


Pella is silly! She knows exactly how to make us laugh. She always pulls funny faces, and just recently mastered the fake cry face… it doesn’t make us feel bad for her at all, but rather burst our laughing.

She is getting better at napping, I think it’s partly because she expends so much energy when she is awake. She is always on the GO!

She is the fastest crawler you have ever seen. She can even go up stairs faster than we can walk up the stairs. We are looking forward to watching her figure out walking in the next couple of months.

Pella is kind of getting particular of who she will go to now. As I mentioned above, the separation anxiety is setting in. But she loves both of her Grandmas and will always reach for them.

She is also OBSESSED with kids. Whenever we go to the store, she whips her head around so fast if she hears a little voice, and gets the biggest smile, giggle and reaches for all kids. It is so heart warming! She will make the best big sister one day.

At her first birthday party, all 15 members of our family arrived at the same time, and Pella was so overwhelmed with love that she just started screaming, happy screaming, but like she wanted to welcome everyone to our party! We had never seen her talk that loud or much that we all started laughing! What a fun memory!

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