11 months old – miss Pella

Our little princess! I cannot believe we are coming up on a year…

Sunshine herself – and now with eight teeth! (warning: do not stick your finger in her month, because she’ll bite you quick, and those things are sharp!)

After a few back throws and cries, Pella has been upgraded to her big girl car seat – being a parent is exxxxpensive 😉

Pel’s hair is growing and growing, I cannot wait to put in her first rubber band, (well one that stays, I tried the other day and it came out instantly)

A cute picture from Grandma Nora while she was watching Pella when we were in Hawaii, teaching her a good work ethic already! Good form little one.

One of the three pictures we took while in Hawaii haha – I guess I did do some work photos, but I decided to turn off my camera and just enjoy the time with Chris and myself, document free.

Our fall pictures! I wanted to switch out the three main pics in our front room for the season, so here’s Pella’s picture that’s now hanging up – and every time we walk by it she giggles and points. She LOVES all pictures, and makes us take her around to all the ones hanging in our house everyday so she can see them up close. Super sweet!


Pella is so funny! She tries to make us laugh at her constantly. Whether she is fake coughing and then bursting into a laugh, or spitting her tongue out at use, she is just a little light!

Just the other day we were out shopping, and a lady came up to her saying how cute she was and then pinched her cheek, so gave her this stare and then started spitting her tongue out at her, and wouldn’t stop until she left the room hahaha I was laughing so hard! Good girl, if you don’t like people pinching your cheek, you let them know!

Pella had a week with my mom, and Chris’s mom while we were in Hawaii. She LOVED all the attention she got. But by the end of the week she was pointing at pictures of Chris and myself and wondering where we were, that made us feel good, I was worried she was having too much fun she may never want us back… We missed her tremendously, so it was fun to come home to our bundle of joy. We will forever be grateful for our moms who always take such good care of her!

This month while my mom was watching Pella, my dad and her took Pel to the aquarium, after just 2 hours my dad turns to my mom, I have never seen someone have so much energy – I have no idea how Montana does it, I need to go take a nap! I laugh because we always say she got her energy from HIM (my dad) – those two are just always on the go… and I am always trying to keep up!

This month Pella has been cruising, she is so so fast with crawling, and pulling herself up and standing all the time, we will have a little walker soon – and when she starts walking, I hope she burns off some of that energy and starts napping consistently, because we still go most days with no naps.

As you can tell from the pictures above, she really is the happiest baby, always smiling! We are so blessed with our Pella!

My mind is spinning that next month she will be a year old, time is flying by, and I love being her mom!

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