10 months with Pella Bella

Month 10 with our little love! Pella’s personality is coming on strong. She is so sweet, but knows exactly what she wants. This month she found the power of pointing, and now points everywhere we wants us to go and at everything she wants to see! It’s so funny!

A little selfie from a picnic lunch when we went in to meet Dada ?


Pella and our Papa J


Probably the cutest bath picture you’ve ever seen! Although she doesn’t really like baths haha so we do them as pick as possible. This cute face could have fooled you!

Lunch for Dada’s birthday – loved getting to go with Chris’s parents and LOVED celebrating our main man.

Our Summer 2018 picture – we take pics every season, and this was our winning pic from the summer session. Pella LOVES this picture. Every time she sees it she starts giggling and pointing to Chris, myself and herself in it. It’s the cutest thing. We have it as our wallpaper on our phone and she will take our phone and look at it smiling and giggling for 10 minutes straight. She loves her family!


Check out those teeth, pretty soon we will have a baby with a whole mouth full!

Pella loves eyelashes – she wasn’t to touch (and pull) them the second she sees them haha

She’s still sleeping through the night, so that’s a big relief, but we are worried with how her schedule will change when Chris and I got to Hawaii in a couple days without her. WISH us luck! and her luck 😉

Pella goes to her grandma Nora’s twice a week while I run into work. I love seeing the sweet relationship they are forming, and the way she lights up when she sees her.

Pel still isn’t a napper, I don’t know if she ever will be. haha I am not very good with setting schedules for her, and we are always on the run so she just snags a couple minutes here and there. But somedays I really wish I could have gotten her on a better napping schedule. And I am secretly hoping and she becomes more and more active that she will wear herself out, but this has yet to happen haha

She is crawling / pulling herself everywhere. She hasn’t quite mastered the normal baby crawl yet, but instead does this incredible strength pull from her upper arms and drags her legs behind. She can do it really well and quite fast, so I wonder if she will ever crawl like a normal baby, or if we will miss that whole part and go straight to walking.

Speaking of walking, she is now pulling herself up on everything and wanting to stand.

Watching her grow and become more of herself everyday is such a treat, and being her mom is such an honor.

Keep growing little one, I LOVE watching!

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